Quality assurance (QA) is the process of ensuring that the CollectionSpace application is working properly. Some QA test are automated, while others are done manually. The process of manually testing features and functionality is called user acceptance testing.

March 2020: We are ready to begin the Quality Assurance testing process for v6.0! As always, community participation in the QA process is critical, and we appreciate the time everyone contributes.To start testing, visit the the testing tasks page and assign yourself a task by entering your name into the Tester column and an X into the In progress column. Don’t forget to add an X to the Complete column when you’re done! 

New to QA testing? Grab a primary or secondary tab tests – these are the simplest tests and will get you familiar with the process. Please run the test on latest version of the Browser specified in column B, and using the profile specified in Column C. The links to the QA sites for each profile are at the top of the sheet.

Found a bug? You can enter a description of your issue right in the spreadsheet notes column.