There are many ways to get involved with CollectionSpace, including:

  • Serving as a subject matter expert for requirements building
  • Evaluating the usability and accessibility of the software
  • Installing and testing the software at your home institution
  • Contributing development resources
  • Providing services and support to CollectionSpace users

We would love to hear from you! Use one of our mailing lists to browse topics, ask a question in the IRC (, contribute a use case on the wiki, or email Megan Forbes, CollectionSpace Outreach Manager.

TALK is used for targeted discussion among implementers (about their implementations) and between implementers and the CollectionSpace program team. The TALK list archive can be found here.

ANNOUNCEMENTS is a low-traffic, moderated list for announcements about CollectionSpace. Subscribe to receive monthly status updates and release information. The ANNOUNCEMENTS list archive can be found here.