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  • Release Announcement: Version 5.2

    Release Announcement: Version 5.2

    We’re delighted to announce the release of CollectionSpace v5.2! Highlights of the release include: Reporting improvements – users can now add parameters to reports and...

  • LYRASIS Collections – a new blog!

    LYRASIS Collections – a new blog!

    We are so pleased to announce the launch of LYRASIS Collections, a new home for museum collections-holding institutions to learn and collaborate about important trends, developments,...


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Why CollectionSpace?

CollectionSpace is an open, flexible and scalable collections management solution that evolves with emerging needs to offer high value and high return on investment. CollectionSpace can energize your patron experience, increase your staff engagement and deliver the true value of your physical assets. Hosting has never been more affordable and we can help you with your data migration to save you time staff hours. Training and support is dependable, trusted and straightforward. As a LYRASIS service, CollectionSpace offers proven reliability from a community trusted non-profit with 82 years of experience. If you are using a legacy CMS, it’s time to consider a change to a museum-focused community like CollectionSpace.