Choosing a collections management system is a big decision. To remove some of the uncertainty around implementing a new solution, LYRASIS is happy to offer prospective implementers a Try Before You Buy option, which provides you with a private CollectionSpace sandbox for 30 days. You can add sample data, have your staff and colleagues test out everyday workflows, and make a decision based on real world experience rather than canned demos. Fill out our contact form to get started with your sandbox today! Ready for a quote? Email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

The demo was great – now what?

LYRASIS CollectionSpace Hosting offers hosting and implementation with the benefits of strong, ongoing community support and the stability of a dependable organizational home.​ Email the CollectionSpace program team for more information about hosting or to receive a quote for services.

Can I import data?

You may send an Excel or CSV file to the CollectionSpace program team with no more than five records from each of: objects (cataloging), acquisition, condition reports, and media handling. Don’t worry about mapping your fields to CSpace – LYRASIS staff will take care of that.

What profile should I choose?

If your collection is primarily composed of natural history materials, including anthropology, ethnography, or archaeology, choose the Anthropology profile.
If your collection is primarily composed of Bonsai trees, pots, and associated artifacts, choose the Bonsai profile.
If your collection is primarily composed of living plants, choose the Botanical Garden profile.
If your collection is primarily composed of materials samples used by designers and architects, choose the Design Materials profile.
If your collection is primarily composed of visual or decorative art objects, choose the Fine and Contemporary Art profile.
If your collection is primarily composed of preserved plant specimens, choose the Herbarium profile.
If your collection is primarily composed of historical artifacts, technology, or ephemera, chose the Local History and Material Culture profile.
If you’re not sure, choose the profile which speak to the majority of your collection, or choose the Core profile which contains those fields and procedures common to most collecting organizations.

How long will my test site stay up?

LYRASIS will keep the site up for one month. It is not possible to export or migrate the data out of the TBYB site. If you want to try CSpace with a larger dataset or for a longer period of time, you might be interested in our Starter Kit, which provides more robust migration, training, and support.

I’ve never used CollectionSpace. How do I get started?

Follow along on the program wiki with one of our Getting Started videos or scripts!