CollectionSpace is a member-supported collaborative program. Our members participate directly in governance, influence the direction of development, and ensure that the software we develop together today endures into the future. Your membership fees support the non-profit that provides planning, community development, technical leadership, marketing and communications, and more, in order to ensure the sustainability of the CollectionSpace program and application.

Benefits of Membership

  • Influence the future of CollectionSpace through working groups and more
  • Participate directly in CollectionSpace governance, with a guaranteed seat on the Leadership Working Group for sustaining members
  • Shape the community and software to meet the needs of all members
  • Collaborate directly with CollectionSpace experts
  • Contribute to CollectionSpace special projects
  • Receive priority status for bugs impacting your implementation
  • Learn new skills, mentor young professionals, share your expertise
  • Join a global network of like-minded professionals

Membership Categories

Category Operating Budget Annual Fee
XSmall < $250,000 $300
VSmall $250,000 – $1 million $750
Small $1 million – $5 million $1,500
Medium $5 million – $10 million $3,000
Large $10 million – $25 million $5,000
XLarge > $25 million $7,500
Sustaining Any $20,000

How to Enroll

To enroll as a CollectionSpace member

1. Fill out the membership inquiry form

2. Download, sign, and submit the CollectionSpace Member Agreement to

3. That’s it! We will contact you to confirm your membership

Questions? Please contact Megan Forbes, Program Manager, at megan.forbes(at)