Project Overview

CollectionSpace is a web-based collections information management system, designed by and for museum professionals and others who work with objects, artifacts, specimens, and other types of collections (i.e., library special collections, historical, natural, and cultural artifacts), to manage many aspects of their day-to-day business, such as cataloging the objects in their collections, managing acquisitions and loans, and much more. The CollectionSpace project team is comprised of a dynamic group of professionals based at universities and museums in North America, the UK, and Europe. Our work is grounded in the community-source model that places emphasis on community needs first and in the open-source model of developing software that is distributed under the ECL2 license. We are looking for individuals who believe that working directly with end-users is critical to success, who like to problem solve and who are team players. We are changing the paradigm of what it means to manage collections and how museums and higher education institutions collaborate to use the web and 21st century technologies to their greatest advantage.

Current Openings

Complete listings for all positions can be found on the LYRASIS website.

The CollectionSpace Technical Lead is responsible for oversight, management, and development of the CollectionSpace software application. The Technical Lead manages the server- and client-side software, within the framework of the software’s open source requirements. The position is responsible for the software's architecture and user interface, managing a community-based code contribution process, and supporting service providers that assist adopters in implementation of CollectionSpace. The Technical Lead also raises awareness of and promotes CollectionSpace within the cultural heritage technology community.

The CollectionSpace User Interface Developer is primarily responsible for UI development, and all related technical documentation, code reviews and upgrades, testing, and quality assurance. The developer will also have opportunities to work with other parts of the CollectionSpace system, to the extent their skill set and business needs make such work feasible.