CollectionSpace committers,

I'd like to nominate Ray Lee as a new CollectionSpace committer, to
all four current GitHub projects (services, application, ui, and

Since he began work on the Informatics Services team at UC Berkeley
five months ago, Ray has been directly committing changes across all
layers to the source code of multiple museum implementations,
including the in-production UCJEPS system and heavily-customized PAHMA
system, as well as submitting many patches / pull requests directly to
main project code.

His patches / pull requests have shown both strong coding skills and
conscientious attention to getting details right. As well, Ray has
proven to be an excellent troubleshooter, identifying and resolving
many bugs, some of which had been present in our source code and
configuration for some time before his arrival. He has also done an
excellent job documenting the arcana of schema modification in the
services, and in making improvements to the mini-build. I feel
confident in nominating him.


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