The current release of CollectionSpace is Version 5.0

Highlights of the release include: a new underlying UI framework based on the open-source React.js JavaScript library. In addition to updating to a more modern look and feel, the updated UI will allow for faster, simpler development and customization of CollectionSpace’s user interface.

To read full release notes, including a list of all bugs fixed and enhancements made, visit the release page on the CollectionSpace wiki.

We would like to extend thanks to the community members who assisted with the QA process for this release; without your contributions, this release would not have been possible.

About CollectionSpace: We are a dynamic community of professionals working in the arts, humanities, social, and natural sciences. We collaborate to design, develop, and share a platform for collections information management that: supports traditional collections management activities; enables the integration of emergent and dynamic new technologies into the information ecologies of museums; and is an effective and affordable alternative to one-off applications developed in-house and proprietary offerings. CollectionSpace is freely distributed under the ECLv2 license.

For more information, to get involved, or to take a guided tour through CollectionSpace, please visit us at