Why Become a Registered Service Provider?

  • Registered service provider dollars support CollectionSpace’s effort to sustain the CollectionSpace community of users, technical platform, and software.
  • CollectionSpace is the non-profit that provides sustainability planning, community development, technical leadership, marketing and communications, and facilitation and coordination services for governance activities, special project collaborations, and strategic partnerships.
  • It is through the support and commitment of our registered service providers that we are able to meet the needs of many communities of practice, working with heterogeneous collections, in a variety of information ecologies.

Registered Service Provider Categories

Category Annual Revenue from CollectionSpace Activities Annual Fee
XSmall $0-$49,000 $300
Small $50,000-$99,000 $750
Medium $100,000-$249,999 $1,750
Large $250,000-$499,000 $3,750
XLarge 1% of revenue for $500,000+ $5,000+

How to Become a Registered Service Provider

1. Submit a request to the Talk list describing the services you/your organization would like to be recognized for providing, and demonstrate successfully via links to code respositories or other publicly-available online resources that you can provide those services, e.g.:

  • setup and configuration of a CollectionSpace instance
  • data migration
  • needs assessment and project management

2. Download, sign, and submit the Registered Service Provider Agreement to info@collectionspace.org.

3. That’s it! We will contact you to confirm your inclusion in the Registered Service Provider program.

Questions? Please contact Megan Forbes, Program Manager, or view Getting Started as a Registered Service Provider on our wiki.